Lab 6

Wow! This week has been full of learning and exploration. Welcome to the second blog of Release 0.3.

Internal issues

Firstly, I worked on the Seneca Blackboard Extension project. As everyone was discussing in the class, we had to remove less useful sections from the Seneca Blackboard website. I chose to work on this issue and removed the Did you know? section. Here is the link to my PR which was merged successfully.

I also worked on updating the and added the following details to the file:

  • Brief description of project
  • Link to Seneca Blackboard
  • Featured planned to be removed
  • Features planned to be added
  • Link to repository’s Slack channel

Here is the link to this PR.

Secondly, I worked on the Creative-Collab project. The collaborators were discussing which licence to add in the file for the repo. I suggested that MIT Licence would be the best option for this project. Additionally, it explicitly states that it does NOT provide any warranty.

After a thorough discussion it was concluded that MIT would be the best option. Here is the link to the PR for this issue.

I worked on another issue for this project that was to improve the story container. This was the most exciting learning experience of the week. I worked with the JavaScript library, React for the first time. I looked at several tutorials and videos to understand its workflow and asked the project mentors for help whenever needed.

Once finished working on the issue, I tried to push the code on GitHub and encountered another problem with package-lock.json.

The issue was that I added it originally when it wasn’t in master branch at the time I branched and pushed. In the meantime, another contributor added it in a later commit on master. So when I was removing it from my PR, GitHub thought that I was trying to remove it from master.

With the help of my professor, I fixed the issue and successfully created the PR.

External issues

As mentioned before, I am working on filer to implement fs.access() method. I will be writing the fs.access() method. The issue provides a detailed list of steps which I need to perform in order to complete the implementation. I am currently working on this issue and will talk more about it in my next blog.

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