Lab 9

Hello reader! Welcome to my second blog for Release 0.4 and this is coming to a sweet end very soon.

As last week, I mentioned I was working on three projects that are GitHub Dashboardfiler and Mozilla. This release has been a very challenging and amazing learning period for me. I worked with new projects, new languages and on some of the biggest projects of my career until now.

Talking about my first task that was creating a welcome page for GitHub Dashboard, I successfully completed it this week. Thanks to my wonderful classmates (and definitely my professor, duh….), I learned about the workflow of React and tried different things. The only thing left for my issue was that if user is already logged into the system, they must bypass the welcome page and directly land to the application. I had a discussion about this with another repository maintainer and decided to create a new bug for this issue. Here is the link to the PR.

Secondly, I worked on fixing errors in dom/svg/ in order to enable ESLint. I find the process of pushing the commits way more harder than actually fixing the code. I did get a couple of errors which I did not know how to solve. One of the errors was that ESLint not accepting the < of an HTML tag. To fix this error, I ignored the file for the time being.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 8.45.18 PM

But after fixing these errors, I am stuck at committing them. In order to authenticate Arcanist with the Phabricator installation, I need to run the following command:

$ arc install-certificate 

But I am unable to login to my Phabricator account as I accidentally deleted my authorization key.

The final project I worked on is filer. For Release 0.3 I added test for fs.access and I extended the test coverage for this release. Every test seems to work perfectly, but just one is giving error. It is very interesting but I was unable to figure it out. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 9.14.39 PM

This test kept giving me error, so for this PR I have skipped this test. Here is the link to the PR.

For now, I am looking forward to get the Mozilla code working and pushed online.

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